Denver LASIK Eye Surgery Results

Who gets the best LASIK results? Icon LASIK in Denver Colorado!

Icon Lasik, with offices located in Loveland and Denver, is a full-service laser vision correction facility. If you wear glasses and are tired of having to wear them for vision correction, you might be a good candidate for Colorado LASIK.

Thousands of people have benefited from Denver lasik laser eye surgery. In over twenty years of practice, surgeons at Icon have over sixty thousand successful laser vision correction procedures to their credit, and this is the case for several reasons. Icon Lasik has multiple lasers at their disposal, which include the NIDEK EC5000, the Intralase bladeless lasik system and the VISX Star 4 Wavefront lasers. What this means is that patients will have access to the best lasers that will work best for your particular eye conditions. Icon offers its patients the most experience, because we have completed more eye procedures than any other Denver clinic. The prices at Icon Lasik are also appealing, with rates running between $499 to $1,499 per eye based on your needs and the laser used. Icon also offers interest-free financing for laser procedures with rates starting at just $41 per month.

Denver lasik is an easy procedure for the patient. You can plan on being at Icon Lasik for two to three hours on the day of your procedure, as time is needed for paperwork, cleaning and anesthetizing of the eye. The actual procedure takes about fifteen minutes, and both eyes can be treated on the same day. The laser procedure is nearly painless, and you are awake throughout. The physicians will have you rest for twenty to thirty minutes following the procedure, after which you will have a brief exam and may leave. You will need someone to drive you home after the procedure.

Recovery times for Colorado LASIK are quick. Many people find that they can return to work twenty-four hours after the surgery. Reading vision returns after one week, and you can wear eye makeup and take rigorous showers after two weeks.

Icon Lasik offers a free consultation if you have questions about LASIK. Find out more about the best Denver LASIK Eye Surgery Results today.

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Denver wavefront lasik

Over 65,000 lasik procedures performed in Colorado

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Colorado wavefront lasik surgery
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